With all the technology these days access to information has never been easier. 

Camera's are everywhere so set one up and lets get to work! 

Online Programs and Prices

  • Gold Program $150 a month

    • 2 in Person Lesson a Month​

    • Unlimited online Video Instruction

  • Silver Program​ $95 a month

    • 1 in Person Lesson​

    • 1 Online Video Lesson per Week​

  • Bronze Program​ $45 a month

    • Unlimited Online Video Instruction​

  • Single Online Lesson $15​

It's easy to send videos off for instruction. Follow the instructions below for best results. 

  1. Make sure to send two videos:

    • Face on ​

    • Target Line/Down the Line

  2. Be sure your camera is waist high​

  3. Make sure there is plenty of room to see the club swing during the video. 

  4. Send to the email Here

Please allow 48 hours for instructor to get back with you. 



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